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Nighttime writing

August 15, 2012

It happens too often, and it’s getting old….

I wake up too early in the morning, usually with a three-year-old jumping on my bed yelling “I want toptops!” (pop tarts). Get up, get him breakfast, get him ready for school. Then I sit down to work–technical writing, theses-type stuff. By four, my brain is fried, and the rush begins–housework, dinner, playtime, baths, and the fight to get him back into bed (usually begging for more toptops). Then my bath, cleaning, etc., and finally I can sit down to write! So I do. And I stare at the notebook or computer. I write out a few forced paragraphs and then give up. Go to bed around 10:30 and lay there for half an hour to an hour and then it happens. My mind starts rolling through the upcoming scenes in my book, and the characters start the dialogue, and I tell myself to stop but I can’t. So I grab the nearest paper, writing utensil, electronic device, or whatever and try to scurry it out of my mind as soon as possible. Exhausted, I try to go back to sleep, but I’m usually wired for about half an hour. Six hours later, it’s time for toptops again.

Maybe I should give the right side of my brain more of a workout during the day so it’ll go to sleep on time….



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