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June 28, 2012

I thought I’d be so eager to sit down every day and work on this novel… and I suppose I am, but it’s crazy how a few days off from writing leads to weeks of struggling during writing sessions, and after over a month of writing I only have 9,000 words and no idea where the story is going. Then again, much like this post, my books aren’t planned-out plots. They’re “what ifs” that grow and grow, and, yes, they ramble (also like this post) but after careful editing I get a finished product that surprises even me.

The main challenge with this sequel, besides having various different outcomes in mind, is the new character perspective. It’s difficult to explain without revealing too much, but, as I’ve said before, “Achieving Apollo” was my baby, my hidden project I worked on for nearly a decade here and there. I knew the main character and saw the other characters from his point of view. Now those “others” are the central characters, and I need their views. Sounds easy enough, right? Not exactly. Perception of a character changes so much when you get in his/her head. You have to show his thoughts on things while remaining true to the speech, reactions, etc. in the original story. And then you have to write about the others from that person’s point of view… Whew…


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