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Getting the ball rolling

June 17, 2012

About a week ago, I forced myself to stop thinking of outlines and plots and just stream-of-conscience the beginning of my next novel. And it worked! Now I don’t want to stop. I may not know what will happen next or what the entire outcome of the story is, but this is the rough draft, and I enjoy the surprise more than planning out things. Which is odd because I’m a total control freak and hate not having life planned out. So here I am 20 pages into the story, finally getting into the good narrative, knowing what will happen over the next two or three chapters, and what happens? My son gets the flu. And now I have the flu. And next week I start packing to move (a process that will take me into July), and I have to plan my son’s birthday party for the end of the month and clean the half-packed house for the party and to get my security deposit back, all while working full-time…. Like most of us, I just fantasize that I could get a contract and devote my non-family time to writing and I wouldn’t be trying to get a page or two out in those few minutes of spare time.


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