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Parents–encourage your young writers!

May 4, 2012

After about the age of 13, I never finished stories unless required at school. For my stories, I’d write a few chapters of a novel or the main section of a short story. Then I’d throw it away or turn the page of my notebook (which eventually got tossed out, too). Oh, how I wish I still had them. About a year ago, I found some short stories and poems I wrote in middle school, and I enjoyed reading the progress in my writing. I can remember stories I wrote in elementary school and even some from high school but have no idea know what my childlike creativity spurned. I wish I had them all.

You young writers out there, and you parents who can get your hands on those stories and poems, please save them. Put them in a binder in chronological order. Let your children see how their talents have grown over the years. I think it will be wonderful inspiration for them when they need to see that they have progressed as a writer and can keep learning. And those preteen stories from when their imaginations were booming can become the bases for something truly special.


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  1. vhclem permalink

    This is why I gave you Asher’s vacation book–teach him to start telling stories now. At the moment you have to write them, but I suspect by the way his alphabet is progressing, you’ll have the first 3 year old to literally WRITE (not dictate) his own published work! 🙂

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