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Gimme a name–I wanna time travel

April 27, 2012

I love time travel/alt history books, and I want to write one. But I think that before I delve into the genre, I need to see what others have done and are doing. I have my favorite authors (such as Connie Willis), but I need to read more. I recently perused a top 100 list and bought two of the books on it–Robert Heinlein’s “The Door into Summer” and Marlys Millhiser’s “The Mirror.” I think Heinlein can do little wrong, but I wanted to take a red pen to Millhiser’s (and rip out the second half of the book and rewrite it). Ahem. With that in mind, what authors (besides Finney) and books should I snatch up?


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  1. vhclem permalink

    I enjoyed this one:

    I’ll search my lists and get you more later. I tried to ask The Doctor, but he started going on about the timely-wimely stuff and I zoned out.

  2. vhclem permalink

    I think you’ll like this one too. It’s an interesting premise.

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