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Toddler Lit

March 8, 2012

Yesterday my son came home from preschool with a Scholastic order form. We lay on our tummies on the living room floor, excitedly flipping the pages. He pointed to book covers that interested him and I read the descriptions. It brought back childhood memories of hiding under my blanket with a flashlight and circling the books I wanted to buy. I rarely purchased anything, but I always had ideas for the next library visit.

This experience has made me consider if I’m doing everything I can to foster his love of literature. By his excitement last night, I know we’re doing something right. But while I knew by age four that I wanted to do nothing but read and write, he is an active little boy who prefers interactive books, and I worry that as he ages other activities will make reading seem “boring.” Also, I work from home, so he sometimes sees Mommy reading and writing as an annoyance and pushes books off my lap.

I’ve been out of the children’s lit game for a while. I want to know that he has books that keep him wanting more. He has books on shapes and colors that he loves. His favorite books are look and finds, lift the flaps, and “There’s a Monster at the End of This Book.” But what classics are Must Haves for a toddler and young readers’ bookshelves and will keep them going back for more?


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  1. vhclem permalink

    Cat in Hat…. (as he says it) It seems like just yesterday you were getting your first Scholastic forms. Ahh, nostalgia.

    Check out Scholastic’s site. They have great info on how to help kids read, games and “puzzez”, and book lists.

    I bet he’d like these:

    And this is a series with books about the moon, stars, sun, wind, and seasons

    Tell me to call if “Aunt Bibi” needs to help buy big boy books. (Hah–allitearation!)

    • Actually, the first one (the Stars Wars one) was one of his first books. I am sure you are not surprised. 🙂
      We have till June to decide what to order so I’m gonna play on their site and see what they have. Not sure if there is a benefit to the school for ordering through the catalog’s collection instead of the website.

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