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The Writer as Actor

March 3, 2012

Writers act. We do it on paper, and we do it in real life. Many accomplished writers are introverts, even if they don’t admit it. They often fake conversations and are annoyed by social activities. This is because when they sit at the computer or typewriter or paper, they force themselves to be two or more people, often with different personalities and emotions and ways of speaking. When they’re not writing, they’re playing out the scenes in their head, sending themselves through a spiral of possible thoughts, words, emotions, and outcomes. If you spend hours a day doing this, it can be a challenge to put yourself into a real social situation. In real life, you can predict conversations and emotions. You know how a party or event will play out., and you wish a unique character would come into the room and put a spin on the scene because man, this person is predictable. Then you go back to your computer and try to make people more interesting than they are in real life. Or maybe I’m just admitting more embarrassing stuff about myself.


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