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No ancestors… No aliens… Gotta focus

March 1, 2012

Today I finally can focus on writing and not working! And instead I’m playing around on The good thing is that genealogy provides new story ideas, but I don’t need them right now. I’m already 470 pages into a story I desperately want to finish.

I can’t help it, though. My curiosity is peaked. I see these censuses–little more than names, dates, places, and maybe an occupation. And I find a grave marker or a tax document, but that’s it, and the mysteries mount.

Why, ten years after marrying and living together, has this couple disappeared, and their children live with other relatives? Then, during the height of the Civil War, this man–a soldier–is back with his kids but not his wife, who is reunited with him ten years later. Was she out of town visiting relatives when the census-taker came to town, and he just happened to forget he had a wife? Or was she in a mental institution and claimed there? Or was she abducted by aliens? Which leads me to picturing aliens landing on an 1870s Indiana farm and grabbing all the women, leaving the men and hired help all alone to raise children and fill out census forms…

I won’t get anything done today.


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One Comment
  1. vhclem permalink

    Heck yeah the women wanted out of there!! I KNOW what trees they’re on. I would’ve gotten out of there too. Then again, the men could’ve forgotten where they put the women because they got busy planning how to fake a moon landing. And because one day there would be this guy who was looking for his watch and making sandwiches using his socks as kitchen utensils.

    But it’s ok, those women were the lucky ones.

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