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Finding writing inspiration

February 28, 2012

You know that moment just before you fall asleep when the world clouds over with strangeness? That’s where weird thoughts live. The ones that morph into story ideas. And I’ll admit this, too: If I’m sick, and especially if I’ve taken cold medicine, I double check that a notebook and pen are within reach, because I know something odd will come as I drift between reality and dreams. Not that the ideas always make sense, but once I’m awake or healthy and my mind clear, I can make it into something sensible. Sometimes.

People often tell writers to watch the world around them for story ideas. While this is good advice, it doesn’t always work for science fiction and fantasy writers. We need something to break the mundane. Besides my half-asleep method, I use documentary television programs and artworks to spark ideas.

So I’m curious. If you stumble by here, feel free to admit your sources of inspiration. I don’t want to be the only one giving away my secrets….


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