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Launching a new life

February 26, 2012

This blog is sign of a new phase in my life. After years and years of writing, taking classes, and editing, I’m ready to finally let the world see my first novel. I hate to admit that “Achieving Apollo,” which will be released as an ebook this spring, is a project 10 years in the making. I could come up with many excuses why it took so long to finish and release, so I will: college, work, having and raising children… And writing seemed like an insignificant hobby compared to all of that. Then came the realization that writing is who I am. And when I finally sit down at the keyboard and click out those pages I’m finding myself in the midst of all that Other Stuff.

See, that’s why writers face self-confidence issues when they slide that manuscript over to you, perhaps a friend of years and years, and say, “Hey, bud, could you read this for me and tell me what you think?” with a nervous twitch. What we really mean is, “I know you know me from family or from going out to the bar or talking in the break room, but I want you to read this and see what’s really going on in my head, but I hope you don’t look at me differently afterwards. Please say you love everything about it and me.”

But once we get that accolade, even if it’s not, “That was marvelous!” and instead “I kinda liked it,” we can’t stop. Someone really liked it. And I want to show you more and more. I can finally be myself and let you know that I see the world differently. I can finally let you know that I pretended to enjoy dinner with your family but all I thought about the entire night was a scene I was stuck on. Then I saw your perfect house and marriage and that teenager mouthing off to you and you not knowing what to do about it, and I knew how to beef up my story.  So thanks for the inspiration. And don’t be offended when you read about it in the next manuscript I give you to critique.


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  1. Enjoy the wonderful world of blogging. I hope everything goes well with your book. I’ve been writing mine on and off for 7 years so I know what it’s like to take a project on a LONG journey.

    • Thanks and I hope you can bring your journey to closure soon, too. Nothing like looking at a finished book and saying: Wow. I did that. And it only took a decade.

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